My Weekend Love Affair with an 85mm Lens

Ah, to be young, free, and have so much disposable income that you can’t get rid of it quickly enough! The halcyon days of getting bonuses that doubled my monthly income! Man, those were the days. I just wish I had done something more worthwhile with that money. (Well, ok, it did pay tuition. That is worthwhile, I guess.)

Now, my eyes are too big for my wallet. Behold, the most wonderful lens I have ever used! (Note: please take this with a grain of salt as I have used only a handful of lenses over the decade or so I have been toying with photography.)

I rented it for the weekend from Pictureline, and man, I can’t wait to make one my own one day. One day far far into the future, that is. Here are some of the results.


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