Jon and I went to Seattle months ago, and I’m only really getting around to posting about it now—in part because I have yet to develop all of the photos. See what I mean about using my cameras less?

I am so happy Jon was able to spend some good, quality time with my brother and his sweet family. My family is so small and some so distant (physically, that is) that our family dynamic is a little harder to maintain I think. Plus, I love and admire my brother, Noah, my sister-in-law, Laura, and their two kids, Eli and Mira, so much that I was brimming with excitement that Jon would be able to get to know them like I do. Not to mention it was really good to see them myself! I hadn’t seen them in two years, and my, how those kids have grown.


Then (2009) (with Laura):

We packed in a lot while we were there. I was going to go through each series of photos from my phone, but then I realized it might be easier to let the photos tell the stories themselves.


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