Christmas! And Other Big Important News.

I know, I too am questioning my sanity in writing a Christmas-themed post two months after the fact. Mostly, I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos from Jon’s and my fast trip to St. George to visit his parents and spend time with his lovely family over the holidays. His family has welcomed me in with open arms and warm hearts, and I just can’t express how utterly wonderful they are, and how thankful I am to have them in my life.

My mom, Jon, and I had a lovely Christmas celebration too, but I failed to whip out the camera (I chalk it up to exhaustion from moving just a couple weeks before Christmas. Why do I always choose winter to move?). We had a great time—a calm, relaxing brunch followed by some presents and some football. I guess if I made New Year’s resolutions this year is to take more pictures of times like those because already, the details are hazy. I do remember receiving snowshoes from my mom, and we’ve already put them to good use with a hike up to Dog Lake via Mill D in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Thanks, Mom!

I kind of glossed over that bit about moving up there. It’s official! Jon and I moved in together in December. We have both loved this new adventure so far, and we’re excited to spend our lives together. The next thing on our list? Move to Oregon in about a year. Yes, Oregon! More details on that as we get closer to the big move.



  1. Claire Helene

    I’m catching up on your blog. ALL OF THE HUGS. If you end up in Portland, my sister is living there now, which means I’ll be there at some point and we will meet and I will hug you in person.

    • Jessica C Ure

      Aw, Claire, I adore you! All the hugs for you, too! I cannot wait to hug in person! Jon and I planning to move to Corvallis, OR. It’s not too far from Portland, so if you’re planning a trip and we’ve moved by then, let me know! I am sure we’d love to find reasons to go hang out in Portland. :)

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