Bonus Velvia

My wonderful boyfriend made a fibber of me. That is, this was not my last roll of Velvia after all. Maybe a month or two passed before he gave me several rolls of my favorite discontinued slide film (yes, even beating out Kodachrome) for my birthday.

I haven’t been picking up the camera as much as I used to. I remember when I took one with me everywhere, but somewhere along the line that habit faded away. Last summer, I can’t count the times Jon and I went hiking and see beautiful vistas begging to be captured on film. I’d dig around in my day pack, then realize the camera was in my car, or at home. Priorities shift I guess.

Still, I managed to shoot some things here and there. I’ll post more as I find the words to describe these last several months, but in the mean time, here’s a shot from Zions National Park.

I had taken a bunch of shots of the gorgeous and exhilarating Angels Landing hike when on our way back, my XA2 slipped out of my hands and onto a hard, paved trail. It popped open and this happened. (I lost a couple of shots altogether, but for the most part the roll was intact, luckily.)


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