More Knitting

The weather this summer has been oppressively, unrelentingly hot. Daily 90s and 100s for the high temperatures and overnight lows consistently in the mid-70s has made for some scorching times. Even so, I still wear sweaters to work every day (OK,full disclosure: this is partly because the air conditioning in the office is set to sub-zero). And in that same spirit, I’ve been knitting, which, sure, seems odd in this heat, but we’ve had rain storms—that dump actual rain instead of just starting wild fires all across the state—and it has put me in more of a stay-inside-with-some-tea-yarn-and-needles mood.

It started with this hat. I made it for my boyfriend’s baby niece, thinking it might fit her by the time winter rolled around (if it ever does with these temperatures. GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL, Y’ALL). When we tried it on her the other day, it was already a little snug. Maybe I’ll have to make another, bigger one?

This hat is for a yet-to-be-born baby, also in the boyfriend’s family.

Ah, crochet. I knit much more than crochet now, but I find granny squares just gorgeous, and one day I will actually pull the trigger and make a blanket. For now, I just toy around with patterns, trying to decide if I can commit myself to such a task.

And lastly, my frumpy cell phone cozy. I saw this lovely, elegant pattern and knew I wanted to make one of my own, but her pattern is for the iPhone, and I have a (brand spankin’ new) Samsung Galaxy S4. Instead of buying the pattern, I looked at the pictures, figured it didn’t look too hard, and tried my hand at it. As you can see, I underestimated the original pattern, so mine has its strong and weak points, er, you could say. Next time, I’d knit it in the round, make it a little longer so it fully covers the phone, make it a little more snug on the sides, and I also need to learn a little more about attaching cords to fabric. You can’t tell in this photo, but it’s a bit messy on the back side. But it’ll do for now.


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