Summer So Far

Sometimes I drop off the face of the earth, then return with fuzzy memories of all the things I want to share with you. Ah, aging.

I wrapped up Spring semester with a few more A’s and the weight of a looming decision about my next move. I decided to put it out of my mind and focus on having a good summer. Maybe by the time classes start (in less than a month!) I will have it figured out. Anyway…

I chopped off my hair, and I love it. So many of us women get told what hair cut works with our faces, our bodies, our personalities, etc. Such bullshit. This pressure plays directly into stereotypes of how, as a culture, we’ve decided women ought to look and furthermore, how that look or that image, in large part, somehow defines who we are. I could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at this: it doesn’t make any sense to me, so I finally decided to do what I wanted.

Now time to grow it back out! And I don’t say that meaning this cut isn’t for me. I like it! But more than one cut, I love the fun of growing it out, trying new things, and chopping it off all over again.

My cousin Jana and her husband Andrew came stateside for their honeymoon. They’re from Scotland, near Edinburgh, so this was my first time meeting her! They ended up staying in my tiny apartment after a mix-up with their lodging arrangements, and I’m glad they did. I was able to get to know them better than I would have otherwise, plus I got to play tour guide, like the morning we went to the Salt Lake farmer’s market, Banbury Cross, and Tracy Aviary.

Unfortunately, I only have photos from the aviary. Sucks, too. Banbury Cross doughnuts are terribly photogenic.

Jonathan and I went camping up Little Cottonwood Canyon back in June. This was the view from our spot at the campground. It was glorious sitting in front of this raging waterfall, reading after a good hike up to White Pine Lake.

Or, almost up to White Pine Lake. There was snow on the last mile or so where hikers encounter the scree field. So, after I rejected the idea of climbing up over a steep and slippery snow bank, we ate our lunch and enjoyed the view of the canyon.

A few weeks ago, with all the snow melted we did make it to the lake, and it is beautiful. At just about ten thousand feet in what I’m guessing is a glacially-carved bowl near the top of the mountain, it’s a breathtaking turquoise pool with pines and boulders lining the edges. I have photos of this, too, but they were taken with my film camera (on my last roll of Fuji Velvia, RIP) so I’m waiting on development.

Lastly, Jonathan and I have a vegetable garden! Have I mentioned this thing? It has been incredibly rewarding to see everything spring up over the last couple of months. The squash and the tomatoes are going bonkers, and the peppers are getting huge, too. These photos are from a while ago, so it’s hard to tell. I need to grab some updated ones.

And that’s about it! Dang, it has been a nice, mellow summer. The Twilight Series started back up a couple weeks ago, providing a nice distraction during the work week. I’m saving up for a road bike, planning on a few adventures over the next few months, and generally enjoying life. I’ll try to post more than once a quarter about these things.


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