Coughy Wheezy Winter Doldrums

It has been about ten days since I caught a nasty cold that has been going around. To be frank, I expected to catch something for some time. Everyone around me seemed to be dropping like flies in the preceding weeks, and while I try to keep myself healthy, the numbers were against me. Finally it hit me, and boy, it hit me hard. I would easily call this my most severe cold since, oh, ever? I can’t remember a virus so thoroughly leveling me before.

But that’s not my point. Point is, around Saturday and Sunday—seven days into this mess—I started to feel well enough to sit upright in bed and to actually get things done like homework and reading. While I could post a bunch of photos of my homework, dang, no one wants to see that. Instead, knitting!

Winter is perfect for knitting anyway. I know I say nothing new here, but man, winter sucks. I can get outside in the cold, sure I can get up in the mountains if I push myself enough. But it’s not my first choice. What is my first choice? Hm, hibernating until the snow melts I guess?

So, whipping up pretty things out of almost nothing is rather appealing during these dull, cold, pollution-filled middle winter days. Especially when you’re stuck in bed.


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