Way of the Dodo

These were taken back in mid-October, and they are probably the last rolls of color film I have shot since then. As I lamented (at length) on flickr, my beloved Costco is discontinuing C-41 (color) film processing.

This breaks my heart. Not necessarily because I fetishize film photography—although, I do that to a certain extent. I could go on about the magic of film, the beauty of the grain in comparison to ugly digital noise, or perhaps wax poetic about the process of shooting film is entirely different than digital from beginning to end…

But I’ll leave it there except to say this: I am partial to film for several reasons, but mostly for how fantastic the results are with such “primitive” tools. I am sure my favorite photos could be duplicated with a digital camera, but not without a bit—or a lot—of photoshop. I’d rather let the emulsion do the work for me because I am lazy. Incredibly lazy. The problem is digital censors just aren’t comparable to film emulsions, nor will they ever be with the photoshop frenzy surrounding digital photography these days.

Plus, digital photography just leaves me feeling anxious and untalented. That I get to see the result right then and there is a bit overwhelming. I know immediately if a shot was downright terrible, and usually I find they are.

Oops, I said I wasn’t going to ramble about this stuff. Apologies.

In short, you may be seeing a lot more black and white on this page, and maybe even a little digital photography. Really, I have no idea. I have no solid plans for my hobby—I hardly ever do. I just try to have fun with it and document pieces of my life along the way.


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